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Modern Space Exploration: Pluto

Revitalizing interest and excitement in humankind’s “final frontier”. Assisting students in scientific inquiry, promoting a love of science, and encouraging interest in STEM careers.



quick facts

Quick Facts

153 hours

248 Earth years

715 miles | 1,151 kilometers

Planet Type




Pluto Interesting

Interesting Facts About Pluto


  • Pluto is only about 1,400 miles wide. At that small size, Pluto is only about half the width of the United States.
  • Pluto is about 3.6 billion miles away from the Sun and has five moons.
  • Pluto’s atmosphere is thin and composed mostly of nitrogen, methane and carbon monoxide.
  • Pluto and its largest moon, Charon, are so similar in size that they orbit each other like a double planet system.
  • On average, Pluto’s temperature is -387°F (-232°C), making it too cold to sustain life, but it does have a heart-shaped glacier bigger than Texas.