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Modern Space Exploration: Venus

Revitalizing interest and excitement in humankind’s “final frontier”. Assisting students in scientific inquiry, promoting a love of science, and encouraging interest in STEM careers.

About Venus

Venus is the hottest planet in our solar system. This hostile world is covered in thousands of volcanoes and is encased in a dense layer of toxic clouds, swept along by constant hurricane-force winds.

Venus facts

  • Equator circumference: 38,025km
  • Radius: 6,052km
  • Average distance from Sun: 108 million km
  • Surface temperature: 462°C
  • Average orbital speed: 126,074km/h (35km/s)
  • Sidereal day length: 243 Earth days
  • Solar day length: 117 Earth days
  • Year length: 225 Earth days
  • Moons: 0
  • Planet type: terrestrial

Reprinted from the UK Natural History Museum